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New Year, New Books!

It’s a busy year for Magination Press! We have lots of books in a variety of subject areas for many age groups! From mindfulness, to spatial relationships, to social anxiety, and LGBT history, we’ll have many new books to choose from this year. For a preview of our spring titles, keep reading! FEBRUARY 2017 A World of Pausabilities: An Exercise in Mindfulness Frank… Read more »

Introducing Jasper Simons, APA Executive Publisher

It didn’t surprise me to learn that APA Executive Publisher Jasper Simons may have been an architect had he not joined the world of scholarly publishing. The mind inside the head of an architect can juggle numbers, lines, and angles, along with creative possibilities. Sounds a little like publishing to me! With that, I am pleased to introduce you to Jasper Simons. Read on… Read more »

New titles for 2016

MagPress   January 15, 2016   No Comments on New titles for 2016

We have been busy! Just wait until you see what we have to offer. Beautiful, sometimes funny, but always helpful books, full of hop—Magination Press plans to release 17 titles in 2016 on the topics of picky eating, bullying, childhood depression, anxiety/worries/bedtime fears, neglect, emotional regulation and movement, individual differences, making mistakes, death in the family, hyperactivity, planning and organization… Read more »

2015 Award Round-up!

MagPress   December 31, 2015   No Comments on 2015 Award Round-up!

What a great year for MP books! Here are some award winners from 2015: This Day in June won the Stonewall Book Award for Children’s and Young Adult Literature from the American Library Association.  It was also named the winner of the Notable Books for a Global Society Award, given from the Children’s Literature and Reading Special Interest Group of… Read more »

Fall 2015 Books

MagPress   November 30, 2015   No Comments on Fall 2015 Books

This Fall, Magination Press has released seven new books. That’s a lot for a small and mighty press! Our Fall books are wonderfully written and layered with interesting psychology and evidence-based information. And, if I may toot our horn even more, all are beautifully designed and illustrated. What are the books about? Glad you asked! Read on… Bounce Back: How To Be A Resilient Kid by… Read more »