New Year, New Books!

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It’s a busy year for Magination Press! We have lots of books in a variety of subject areas for many age groups! From mindfulness, to spatial relationships, to social anxiety, and LGBT history, we’ll have many new books to choose from this year. For a preview of our spring titles, keep reading!


A World of Pausabilities: An Exercise in Mindfulness

Frank J. Sileo, PhD; Illustrated by Jennifer Zivoin

This is a rhyming guide that introduces children to mindfulness and shows them how to live mindfully by taking pauses in their lives. Pausabilities encourage children to take a breath and be present and pay attention to their thoughts, feelings, sensations, and the world around them. A World of Pausabilities reminds children that everyone can be mindful and that there is no wrong way to take a pause.

Grow Happy

Jon Lasser, PhD, and Sage Foster Lasser; Illustrated by Christopher Lyles

In this story, Kiko shows us how she takes care of her garden with seeds, soil, water, and sunshine! She also shows us how she grows happiness, just like she does in her garden. This book uses positive psychology and choice theory to teach children that they have the tools to nurture their own happiness and live resiliently, with information on how our choices and paying attention to our bodies and feelings affects happiness.

MARCH 2017

Mapping My Day

Julie Dillemuth, PhD; Illustrated by Laura Wood

Flora loves drawing maps and uses them to tell us about her life! This book introduces spatial relationships and representation: where things and places are in relation to other things. It intends to show readers how maps can convey information, inspire children to draw their own maps, and introduce basic map concepts and vocabulary. Spatial thinking is how we use concepts of space for problem solving and is shown to be a key skill in science, technology, engineering, and math. Julie Dillemuth is the author of another Magination Press book about spatial relationships, Lucy in the City.

Priscilla Pack Rat: Making Room for Friendship

Written and Illustrated by Claudine Crangle

Priscilla has a knack for finding the best and prettiest things. But when it comes time to choose a birthday gift for her friends, she has a hard time parting with her collection. Priscilla eventually learns that searching for happiness through the accumulation of “stuff” leads to disappointment and loneliness—it encourages kids to focus on the party rather than the presents!

APRIL 2017

Someone To Talk To: Getting Good at Feeling Better

Paola Conte, PhD, Cheryl Sterling, PhD, and Larissa Labay, PsyD; Illustrated by Claire Keay

This is a workbook for kids ages 6 to 10 about going to therapy. It covers what to expect during a therapy session, throughout the course of therapy, and finishing up. This works great as either a pre-therapy preparation book or used adjunct to therapy. Therapists, parents, and kids will love the supportive and age-appropriate language. It also includes questions, sample conversations, exercises, and worksheets that will help lead to greater therapy success!

JUNE 2017

Blossom Plays Possum (Because She’s Shy)

Birdy Jones; Illustrated by Janet McDonnell

Blossom is bashful and “plays possum” so she won’t be noticed. While she wants to talk and play with other kids, she doesn’t know how! Soon with some courage and support from her friends, she learns how to connect with others, take risks, and be more confident with herself. Shy kids will identify with Blossom and her situation. This aims to show kids and parents that there is nothing wrong with being shy and helps boost self-esteem!

GIRL: Love, Sex, Romance, and Being You

Karen Rayne, PhD; Illustrated by Ramsey Beyer and Nik Rayne

Written for teenage girls, this growing-up guide provides information on gender and identity, dating and romance, relationships, and sex. It gives practical information that uncensored, factual, and unbiased, and aims to help readers develop into responsible and informed adults and prepare them for healthy romantic relationships. This book is unique in that it is inclusive and nonjudgmental to all who self-identify as a girl. It also provides self-reflection questions, media resources lists, illustrations, and diary entries by real girls!

The Tallest Bridge in the World: A Story for Children About Social Anxiety

Ellen Flanagan Burns; Illustrated by Anthony Lewis

This middle-grade
chapter book is about a boy named Thomas who has social anxiety disorder, a very common issue kids have. When Thomas’s social anxiety begins affecting his participation in school and other activities, he begins to see a therapist. This book nicely shows the experience of social anxiety—physical, cognitive, and behavioral components. The strategies are based on cognitive behavioral principles which are a standard treatment approach for social anxiety.

When You Look Out the Window: How Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin Built a Community

Gayle E. Pitman, PhD; Illustrated by Christopher Lyles

From the author of the Stonewall Award-winning book This Day in June, this is a new picture book biography celebrating LGBT history. Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin are one of San Francisco’s most well-known and politically active lesbian couples. In this book, Phyllis and Del point out landmarks through the city that can be seen out of their window, all in some way affected by their influence. It is a unique way to introduce children to untold stories in history while also being a clever tribute to two notable women.

Why Am I Blue? A Story About Being Yourself

Kalli Dakos; Illustrated by Viviana Garofoli

This is a sweet story about identity, self-acceptance, diversity, and being comfortable in your own skin. A frog questions why he is blue and not green like the other frogs. His friends try to make him see how special being blue is, and he comes to understand that he is blue because he is blue—and that’s enough of an answer! Readers will learn that sometimes the answer is right in front of you—you are who you are and that’s that!

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