Magination Press Across the Globe!

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Did you know that Magination Press is international?  We recently did some office re-organizing, and pulled down all the office copies of our translated books. Over 120 of our books have been translated, into more than 20 languages—from Spanish, French, and Italian, to Chinese (simple & complex), Japanese, and Korean, all the way to Danish, Finnish, and even Icelandic! That’s… Read more »

Meet Magination Press Author, Judith Glasser, PhD!

    Judith M. Glasser, PhD, is a clinical psychologist who has worked with children and their families for over 30 years. She specializes in the assessment and treatment of AD/HD in children. For many years Dr. Glasser has been interested in the different kinds of difficulties children experience when they have AD/HD. Dr. Glasser is the author, with Kathleen… Read more »

Introducing Jasper Simons, APA Executive Publisher

It didn’t surprise me to learn that APA Executive Publisher Jasper Simons may have been an architect had he not joined the world of scholarly publishing. The mind inside the head of an architect can juggle numbers, lines, and angles, along with creative possibilities. Sounds a little like publishing to me! With that, I am pleased to introduce you to Jasper Simons. Read on… Read more »

Canada Day!

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Magination Press publishes out of the American Psychological Association in Washington, DC. Our authors, however, are worldwide! We publish several books by Canadian authors and illustrators—so many, in fact, that we would like to send a special shout out in honor of them on Canada Day! So, here they are—thanks for your words, your creativity, your humor, and your lovable characters. We are lucky to… Read more »

Magination Pets–and Their Real-Life Counterparts

Did you know that June is National Pet Adoption Month? If you’re thinking of adopting a new furry friend, it’s a good time to visit a shelter or rescue organization. In honor of National Pet Adoption Month, here is a look at some of our favorite pets who appear in Magination Press books…and the real cats, dogs, and birds who… Read more »

Let’s Celebrate GLBT Book Month With ALA!

My library card is a little frayed and smudgy, but nonetheless, I’m a proud, card-carrying patron of my local public library. Hundreds of libraries, mine included, along with the American Library Association (ALA) will celebrate GLBT Book Month this June to honor authors and books with gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender content. Not only will we celebrate, but it’s a time to recognize how much libraries… Read more »

Book Expo America 2016

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We had a great time at Book Expo America in Chicago this week! BEA is North America’s largest gathering of book industry professionals. It’s a go-to event to discover new titles and authors, learn about trends shaping the book industry, and network with those who have a passion for books. It’s the perfect place to share our titles with you. We hosted… Read more »

Happy Mother’s Day!

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The Flyaway Blanket

Today is all about celebrating moms. There are many different mothers in the world—stay-at-home, working, adoptive, new moms, and moms with many kids. Don’t forget those grandmas too! Just as kids go through many changes, so do their parents and their relationships with each other. But no matter what, parents have an unconditional love that’s worth celebrating not only on… Read more »

Meet Magination Author: Colleen Patterson!

  Colleen A. Patterson, MA, is a psychologist who has worked with children of all ages in hospital and school settings. She moves her mood by running and frequently races in support of children’s mental health. Colleen has written three Magination Press books – How I Learn: A Kid’s Guide to Learning Disability released in September 2014 followed by 123… Read more »